Friday, January 30, 2015

The Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, 1948

The Assassination of Gandhi, 1948

Just an old man in a loincloth in distant India: Yet when he died, humanity wept." This was the observation of a newspaper correspondent at the death of Mahatma Gandhi. The tragedy occurred in New Delhi as the gaunt old man walked to a prayer-meeting and was engulfed by one of history's great ironies - a life-long pacifist and promoter of non-violence struck down by an assassin's bullet.

Gandhi's violent death came just months after the realization of his long sought-after goal - the independence of India from Great Britain. It was a bitter-sweet victory for Gandhi because along with India's independence came the partitioning of the sub-continent into two separate states - Muslim-based Pakistan and Hindu-based India - an action he thoroughly opposed. Gandhi did not take part in the celebration of India's independence.


Mahatma Gandhi Quote on Death

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

'Navjivan' to Open Cafe, Portal to Spread Gandhian Ideology in Ahmedabad

'Navjivan' to Open Cafe, Portal to Spread Gandhian Ideology in Ahmedabad

With a view to present Gandhian ideology in a modern way, Mahatma Gandhi-founded publication house Navjivan Trust will open an art gallery, cafeteria and a centre for sustainable development in Ahmedabad.

Gujarat Chief Minster Anandi Patel will inaugurate the art gallery, cafe and the sustainable development centre on January 29 at the Navjivan building, aimed to create a milieu, specially for the youth to connect with Gandhian ideology.

"People, especially the youths, are hesitant to get associated with Gandhian ideology. There is a need to create such an atmosphere by creating new activities where people can easily connect with his thoughts," Managing Trustee of the trust, Vivek Desai, told reporters.